Core Values

Gerding Builders is founded on a set of core values. These values guide our daily decisions as well as our long-term goals. Internalize these values as the standard by which to measure your efforts.

RELATIONSHIPS are predominant

We prioritize positive relationships with our employees, clients, design consultants, subcontractors, peers and other contacts in the community, striving to treat everyone as we would have them treat us.

Everyone goes home SAFE every day

We won’t cut corners on safety in order to work faster or save money. This value extends beyond our employees to include everyone who comes onto our job sites.

Maximizing VALUE for our clients

While maintaining our core values and delivering excellent quality, we work efficiently and with diligence to maximize value for our clients.

Enrich the COMMUNITIES we work in

Our construction activities will provide quality facilities where people live, work, learn, worship, are healed, volunteer, etc. In addition, we financially support a host of non-profit organizations that strive to improve the quality of life within the communities we live and work.

Live with INTEGRITY, respect, and professionalism

Those who work with us will recognize these qualities in our day-to-day actions, and we will be recognized in our communities for them.