Everyone Goes Home Safe Every Day

"Injury Free" is our commitment, individually and organizationally, to create a work environment absent of incident and a mind-set intolerant at any level, frequency, or severity of injury.

We believe:

  • Every Injury is Preventable
  • No Injury is Acceptable
  • Zero Tolerance for Drugs & Alcohol

Safety stands alone in conversation and is not influenced by budget, schedule, or production. Due to our stringent safety policies, we have an impeccable safety record with our multi-family projects, as well as in the other markets we manage. As further evidence of our commitment to safety, we’ve been recognized by the Associated General Contractors (AGC) multiple times as having the best safety program in all of Oregon in class.

Gerding Builder’s Safety Program

As our company experienced growth into various markets we have seen it necessary to grow our Safety Plan accordingly. Our Safety Plan is much more stringent then what is required of a company our size. In addition, a site specific safety plan is developed individually for every project in order to address the unique aspects for that project. Following you will find information about the Gerding Builder’s Safety Plan responsibilities and program highlights.

2020 EMR RATE : 0.76




Awarded AGC Safety PRIDE 

(Program Recognition Indicating Dedication & Excellence) Recognizes members who are innovative industry leaders in safety and are willing to continuously improve. This program is recognized by Oregon OSHA. 


The Industry average EMR Rating is 1.0, putting us in the top 25 out of 8,000 for Oregon Contractors!