Special Projects Division

Same High-Quality Service for Smaller-Scale Projects.

Gerding Builders Special Projects Division meets the needs of individualized, smaller-scale, commercial projects with the expertise, quality, and commitment to safety you have come to expect. We provide cost-effective solutions for unique projects, with streamlined coordination for fast turnaround and minimal business disruptions. Our Special Projects Team is comprised of experienced professionals who have a dedication for fast-tracked commercial renovation projects like yours.

Smaller-Scale Commercial Projects
Gerding Builders Special Projects division works directly with owners to complete jobs typically under $2 million. Our highly skilled project team is trained and backed by the resources of a large commercial contractor and has the ability to complete smaller-scale projects with the highest quality.

In 2017 Gerding Builders became an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Each employee is part of the ESOP program, that means employees are part owners of the company. Our employees (owners) are invested and committed to the success of your project. It’s not just a job, it’s about developing a partnership and a relationship. Additionally, being employee-owned means Gerding Builders is owned by members of the local community.


  • Smaller-scale commercial projects
  • Quality, commitment and safety of a larger-scale company
  • Access to Gerding Builders main construction arm
  • Fast-tracked commercial renovations
  • Minimal business disruptions
  • Experienced project team
  • Access to highly skilled trade partners
  • Employee-Owned

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