Our philosophy is that Green Building isn’t only for LEED certified projects. We work with Architects and Owners to find cost-effective opportunities for sustainability and energy efficiency through material/process analysis and payback calculations.

Recognizing the importance of promoting a healthy environment through the actions of our own construction company, we instituted a “Building Green” action plan. This plan utilizes a Pre-Construction Green Building Checklist to educate clients and identify potential cost-effective opportunities. Our action plan includes:

  • Certified LEED AP’s on staff
  • Regular green-building training and seminars to review current best practices
  • Use of a Pre-Construction Green Building checklist to educate clients and identify potential cost-effective opportunities


Gerding decided to do more then “talk the talk” when it came time to build our new headquarters on Airport Road in Corvallis. Efforts paid off with our LEED Gold Certified facility. The energy-saving methods have saved in on-going mechanical and maintenance costs. Our original goal was to reduce or recycle 50% of the construction waste. Through our proactive site waste control measures, we were able to divert 95% of the construction waste.

On the Suburban Church Expansion, we improved on the mechanical concept by performing an energy analysis of the facility and recommending cost-saving alternate mechanical systems. The system that was proposed, and ultimately accepted- involved an initial cost increase of $75,000 while providing the Owner with a payback period of less than 2 years. In the long run it is expected that our suggested approach will save the Owner more an $500,000 in reduced energy costs over the lifetime of the mechanical system.


  • Alexander & Seavey Housing Earth Advantage Silver, Energy Star & Green Hammer
  • Grand Ronde Elder Housing
  • Elements Office Bldg. LEED Silver
  • Gerding Builders Headquarters LEED Gold Certified
  • LBCC Science Bldg. LEED Silver Certified
  • Suburban Church LEED Silver
  • Angell Cafeteria LEED Silver
  • Redwood N.P. Maint. Facility LEED Silver Certified