Community. Relationships. Construction.


We love construction. I mean, you get us talking about pounding nails and tilting concrete, the more challenging the better, and we get all starry eyed. As much as we love building stuff (and we are pretty dang good at it), it is the people inside the buildings we love the most. Let’s face it, a building is just wood and nails without the people inside who bring it to life.


Our people are the foundation of this company. We call it the Gerding family for a reason. We have some amazingly skilled people. From our administrative staff, to our accounting department, to our project managers, they all are top professionals with the highest skill set. Beyond our working capabilities, we are a unique blend of personalities with individual interests who come together and support each other in their professional and personal lives. You get us all together for a birthday celebration or a staff meeting and it is a riot. It’s the reason we love to come to work everyday.


At Gerding Builders our focus is on people and a commitment to long-term relationships. Whether a small tenant improvement or a new facility, we will treat your team with the respect and fairness you would expect from a long-time associate and partner. This commitment has resulted in over 70% of our work performed with repeat clients. Once a client always a client.


Gerding Builders was born through years of experience and hard work in the industry. It started in Corvallis, Oregon in 1967 as the Dale Ramsay Construction Company. Tom Gerding joined the firm as a partner in 1994 and the corporate name was changed to Ramsay-Gerding Construction Company. With Dale Ramsay’s retirement in 2003, ownership transferred to Tom Gerding under the corporate name of T. Gerding Construction Company. Today, we are a family of companies, which includes Gerding Builders (Construction Management) and TGC Structural (Labor Performance). Headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, Gerding Builders maintains a 54-year history of building Commercial projects throughout Oregon, Washington, and parts of Arizona, Montana, and Utah. We are an equal opportunity employer and have excellent relationships with local top-quality subcontractors and suppliers. Relationships and community are paramount.